You are a vital member of our emergency response team

ADRA has been working on Emergency response saving lives in a timely manner for 34 years in Mozambique and is recognized by the Government as one of key partners in Emergency Relief. ADRA provides Food aid, Shelter, NFI, Nutrition and Water, sanitation and hygiene assistance through in-kind, vouchers and cash-based transfers. Different needs of people in emergency and recovery phase are addressed through the right-based approach adhering to the Minimum Sphere of Standard of each sector. On Post disasters, ADRA Mozambique also build resilience of communities through practical trainings of climate smart agriculture, seed multiplication, borehole repairs and management of resilience assets created during programs as well as behavior change communication. In these approaches ADRA Mozambique is community centered...

School Feeding Project

Cabo Delgado


Targeted students at primary school

Gaza Province


Trainees in agriculture and nutrition

Sofala Province


Beneficiaries of shelter kits and shelter NFI

Zambezia Province


Beneficiaries of shelter kits, shelter NFI and agriculture kits