ADRA Mozambique started its intervention on health sector in 2002 through Implementation of the Pebane Integrated Food Security Initiative, which was a three years Health & Nutrition, Agriculture and Commercialization project. The health & Nutrition activities included preventive health education and promotion of nutrition through improved dietary practices, prevention and household management of childhood illnesses with emphasis on diarrhea and malaria and HIV/AIDS awareness. The project targeted the district of Pebane in Zambezia province reaching a total of 18,000 beneficiaries.


From 2006 to 2008 ADRA Mozambique implemented a full health program called COACH (Community Access to Health), with coverage in the districts of Ile, Namarroi, Maganja da Costa and Pebane reaching a total of 40,950 beneficiaries. The project aimed to empower communities through creation and training of Community Health Committees, involving community leaders, elders, and among them traditional birth attendants, teachers and others. The project intervention specifically focused rural communities, emphasising their access to the National Health Services through training of the Community Health Committees in partnership with the DDS and DPS (district and province representatives of the MOH).


For WASH programs for 16 years and in the last 5 years implementing in Mocuba district, using an innovative approach that combines renewable energy, community managed safe drinking water, and provide WASH sensitization to growing underserved communities and a sustainable business model: Constructed three water distribution systems with safe drinking water, the promotion of a range of WASH services through WASH Volunteers and provision of hygiene related products in in the kiosk. Since the opening of the kiosk, 189,325 mt from the kiosk sales and 1022,875 Liters of water distributed to 7500 individuals benefitted from these interventions with a budget of $679,594.53.